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The next generation of property buyers prefer to communicate via text messaging.

Even better? Conversational text messaging for real estate will also make your job easier and help you sell more effectively.

SMS-Magic automates many of your day-to-day inquiries, saves you time, helps you serve your clients better, and of course, helps you close more deals.

Alert Buyers to New Listings

Be the First to Show

Schedule Showings

With a Single Message

Simplify the Documentation Process

Automate the Details

Incredible product. Smooth integration with our Salesforce and quality people. Tyson Joe

Director of Operations, The Heyl Group at Keller Williams

Alert Buyers to New Listings

Using conversational text messaging, you can automatically alert your buyers to new listings that match their needs.

They’ll read the text quickly and respond immediately. That gives you the advantage to get them to the property and make their offer, ahead of any other buyers.

They’ll love the convenience, and the fact that you care. You’ll love all the properties you close.

Schedule Showings

What if you could schedule showings without picking up the phone?

it’s as easy as sending a messaging with Converse. A scheduling message lets them quickly select the times that meet their schedules and you’ll be notified. Automatic reminders make sure they are there on time and in the right spot.

We’ll get them to the appointment so you can get them their dream property.

Simplify the Documentation Process

Real estate agents have their hands full managing the complexity of all the forms and documentation needed to finalize the contract on a commercial or residential property.

SMS-Magic easily automates the document process for you, in a way that your clients will appreciate. We’ll check all the docs, remind clients when they need to submit more info and generally manage the process.

That means you spend more time focusing on your buyers, not on tracking down forms and documents.

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