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With the power of conversational text messaging, you will engage more prospects, convert more sales and respond quickly to customers, enhancing satifaction and loyalty.

Whether you offer technology solutions, consumer or other products, you will grow your revenues and retain customers when you personalize your conversation with messaging.

Best solution on AppExchange. Extremely self-intuitive product with fantastic results. If you utilize automatic workflows… efficiencies will go out of the roof.

Brett Bazzini

Operations Specialist, Locbox

SMS-Magic conversational text messaging empowers your technology or product business to:

Attract and Engage with More Prospects

Getting prospects to engage with you is harder than ever before. The noise in the market from competitors and more has dulled our prospects’ interest in engaging, with anyone. How do you get your buyers’ attention, then interest them in a conversation?

The answer is conversational text messaging. Whether you’re focused on B2B, B2C or both, messaging will increase your prospect conversations by 6x. That’s because people quickly respond to messages as a natural and easy conversation.

Think about it. What would you do with 6 times more prospects in your pipeline?

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Convert More Sales

We all know the best product doesn’t always win. That’s because the key to successful sales rests in the relationship you build with the buyer. Yet how do you build a relationship when you can’t get them on the phone and they don’t respond to your emails?

The natural and personal nature of messaging is just one reason that businesses using text messaging convert 40% more sales. You can quickly get your prospect’s attention, respond to their questions and requests immediately, learn about their specific needs, then tailor your offering to meet their exact requirements, all through simple messages. Your prospects feel like they can trust you since you listen and respond to them…and you get their business.

Now think about this. 6x more prospects in your pipeline and 40% more conversions. Imagine that level of growth for your business.

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Respond to Customers Faster

We all know that it’s much more profitable to keep and grow a current customer than it is to sell to new ones. Messaging empowers you to respond to customers faster, reach out to them with offers or suggestions and serve them better. Given that most customers leave their vendor due to lack of service and responsiveness… messaging gives you a significant competitive advantage.

Whether you’re optimizing your customer service responsiveness and case management, or reaching out to offer your customers information, remind them of upcoming renewals or surveying them for feedback to improve their experience, messaging is the best communications channel available. It also reduces your customer service center overhead costs significantly.

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Experience the Magic of Messaging

Once you see the magic for yourself, you’ll be ready to leverage text messaging in your business.

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