Rise Above the Noise?

Demands on donors are increasing exponentially.

Conversational text messaging will make your organization rise above that noise, to have conversations with more donors, close more funding and increase awareness of your value.

Increase Donations

Start More Conversations

Promote Events

Get More Attendees

Increase Donor Engagement

say consistent, relevant communication is a key influence on choosing a provider.

Our non-profit has shown a 45% increase to incoming traffic. SMS-Magic just works. Josh Willett

Zoho CRM Manager & Engagement Team Mentor, I Want to Study in Australia

Increase Donations

Successful fundraising begins when you engage your donors in a compelling conversation. SMS-Magic text messaging empowers you to do just that.

Your donors already use text messaging every day. Which means it’s a natural way to begin a conversation about your latest fund-raising drive, your plans for new projects and other news about your organization that matters to them.

Promote Events

Text messaging simplifies management and promotion for a variety of non-profit events and promotions.

Since your donors tend to read your text messages, and you’re focusing on personal interests to attract and engage them, you’ll find that messaging promotions are very effective for events and more.

Increase Donor Engagement

Your donors believe in you. That’s why they contribute to your projects. Their enthusiasm can help you find more donors, raise more funds and get more people in your communities excited about your work. When you make it fun for them to help, it’s even better.

Every project or activity can be engaging, and fun, when you turn it into a game or contest. Text messaging helps you create that fun environment for fund-raising.

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