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What Would You Do With
6X More Prospects?

Conversational text messaging for business is a powerful communications channel. In fact, it’s the fastest growing communication channel today. Why? Because it’s a form of natural, interactive conversation that 99% of professionals use every single day. Even better? You’ll get 6X more responses from prospects than you get with email.

I have been using SMS-Magic with Salesforce, and I have to say, I absolutely love it! In my industry, our customers are always on the go. Texting is the most efficient method of communication, and SMS-Magic makes that possible!

Gus Schuberth

President, Floor Guard

Use conversational text messaging in your business to:


Engage More Customers

When you blend a natural channel with 6X the response rates, you will engage and converse with more of your prospects and customers.

With SMS text messaging you will build customer engagement and loyalty while you deepen your profiles of each customer’s preferences. As you deepen your profiles, you can begin to tailor your offers to the unique needs of each customer.

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Create Customer Loyalty

We all know that repeat customers offer more profitable revenue. Text messaging gives you more repeat customers than any other method. Loyalty programs are powerful repeat business drivers, and they’re easy to implement with texting. Or you can offer specials on items that you know customers prefer, thanks to those profiles.

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Increase Marketing Results

Texting lets you interact continuously with your audience. You can remind them of special events, congratulate them on their anniversary or birthday or entice them to create reviews of their experience with special rewards.

Using surveys, you can capture feedback to constantly improve your service or offerings. Your audience will appreciate the value of your conversations, and your relationship will grow, as will your business.

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With conversational text messaging, you’ll have more conversations with your audience, learn more about them and deepen your relationships. All in a way that’s natural, interactive and immediate.

How will you use text messaging to grow your business? The only limit is your imagination.

Experience the Magic of Messaging

Once you see the magic for yourself, you’ll be ready to leverage text messaging in your business.

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