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Success in the financial services industry rests upon your relationship with your clients; your ability to understand their unique financial situations, to make their financial decisions easier and to respond to their needs quickly and effectively.

Due to regulations, you’ve been unable to text with your clients. SMS-Magic changes that. Now you can use text messaging to communicate with clients, just the way they want. Your client responsiveness will soar, as will their loyalty.

It took us about 3 months to research all of the different SMS apps for Salesforce and we finally decided on SMS-Magic. It has helped us in our business immensely. With today’s reliance on technology, phones, and social media, consumers are much more willing to answer a text over a phone call. We have a 70% response rate with this text messaging app.

Randall Mills

Branch Manager, AmeriFirst Financial

SMS-Magic conversational text messaging for financial services empowers your business to:


Meet Regulatory Requirements

Financial services organizations are required by law to maintain a record of every interaction with a client. Yet clients text financial services brokers all the time. After all, these clients prefer texting too. Brokers then have to switch over to email to respond to their clients, since they must be able to document their interactions.

Until now, most financial services organizations have outlawed any form of text messaging. But that’s changing thanks to SMS-Magic. Our 360-degree conversational history tracks every single conversation then stores it for archival. And that changes everything, for you, and for your clients.

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Simplify Documentation

The time and effort spent tracking financial service documents, reminding clients to send specific information that’s missing and just plain communicating about it all, well, it’s a lot.

Document workflow solutions help manage the flow of necessary documents. Yet they don’t necessarily communicate what’s needed from clients in an easy way. Emails sent to request additional information aren’t always read. Let’s face it, it’s easy to overlook that email and move on with our day. That means client managers have to personally get involved in tracking documentation and pestering clients to send the required information, which takes them away from their real job, solving customer problems.

SMS-Magic text messaging changes that. Our powerful SMS automation tracks every document and response, sends text reminders to clients when information is late or missing and alerts you to any issues. That leaves you free to focus on your clients, not the paperwork.

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Converse the Way Your Clients Want

Your financial services clients want to know they can reach out to you and get a response, whenever they need one. That’s why they so often send a quick text message to ask a question or make a request.

Thanks to SMS-Magic, you can respond quickly to their messages, whether you’re in your office or on the go.

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Experience the Magic of Messaging

Once you see the magic for yourself, you’ll be ready to leverage text messaging in your business.

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