Recruiting, admitting and retaining students has never been so competitive. How do you stand out above the rest?

Conversational text messaging is one strategic answer. After all, your students are digital natives. When you engage and converse with them the way they want, you’ll get and keep their attention.

Once you have their attention, you’ll keep it, and them. From enrollment all the way through their alumni support.

The team at SMS-Magic has really managed to take something that needs to support complex use cases and create an amazingly simple and easy to use tool.

Jeb Garrott

Senior Operations Analyst, Full Sail University

With conversational text messaging, your university will:


Recruit More Students

One of the biggest challenges every university recruiter faces is getting potential students to pay attention to the information you send them. After all, there are so many options, especially for the students you want. Everyone else wants them too.

Text messaging gives you the advantage, Especially since 77% of students want to receive information from universities via text messaging.

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Simplify Application and Enrollment

Since text messaging is the conversation channel of choice for your students, they’ll naturally read and respond to your messages concerning their enrollment process. Thanks to the powerful automation available with SMS-Magic text messaging solutions, you’ll be able to share and track all applications using workflows and digital tools. This means you focus on students and their needs, not on which form they need to sign.

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Get Your Student’s Attention

How do you get your students’ attention when they’re on the run? Unlike email, text messaging can and will get your students’ attention so you can share information, events, and more with them.

Your students are all digital natives. They spend more time on their smartphones than they do anywhere else. When you communicate with them the way they naturally like to converse, your students will read your messages. They will respond. In fact, text messages get 6X the responses vs. email and 10X vs. phone calls. How’s that for connection power?

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Increase Fundraising

The majority of your alumni use text messaging every day. That makes it the perfect way to begin and continue a conversation with them about your institution, your plans for the future, and what matters most to them.

Engaging alumni via text messaging gives you the power to quickly learn more and more about your alumni, so that you can tune your requests to match their financial situation and areas of interest. By continuing conversations with them, you’re more likely to continue their support of your university programs.

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Experience the Magic of Messaging

Once you see the magic for yourself, you’ll be ready to leverage text messaging in your business.

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