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SMS-Magic messaging solutions empower businesses to use the convenience of text and other messaging to create compelling conversations with prospects and customers.

Businesses that use messaging to communicate with their markets are generating impressive results. For example, you’ll get 6x the responses from propsetcs with messaging, and convert 40% more prospects to customers.

Regardless of your industry, conversational text messaging offers a powerful opportunity to create competitive advantage, increase customer satisfaction and grow your business.


General Business  |  Recruiting  |  Education  |  Financial Services  |  Real Estate

General Business

With text messaging you will:

Engage more customers. Thanks to 6X the response rates, you’ll move more prospects into your pipeline

Create customer loyalty. Repeat customers drive more profitable revenue. Text messaging gives you more repeat customers than any other method.

Improve results. Get more qualified leads and move them through your pipeline faster with SMS Marketing, Sales and Service Automation.

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Recruiters effectively converse with more candidates using conversational messaging. For example:

Reduce Time-to-Hire.Get candidate’s attention, start the conversation sooner and move them through your pipeline faster with SMS-Magic.

Convert Passive Talent into Active Candidates.  Text messaging is a non-intrusive way to start and continue a conversation, until you transform a passive talent into an active candidate to fill a job opportunity.

Recruit Millennial Talent. Create competitive advantage for your company by conversing with Millennials the way they want, in their native digital manner.

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Conversational text messaging gives higher education a key advantage.

Text messaging is a natural way to converse to:

Recruit students – most of whom are digital natives who communicate via text.

Simplify application and enrollment by automating the admissions process.

Engage – Keep students’ attention and engagement on campus strong.

Fundraise – Continue personalized conversations with alumni for more successful fundraising programs.

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Financial Services

SMS-Magic uniquely empowers financial services teams to use text messaging to converse with their clients.

Meet regulatory requirements. The SMS-Magic 360-degree conversation history meets or exceeds requirements for archiving all client communications.

Simplify documentation. Flexible automation empowers you to simplify document processes by tracking documents and reminding clients of their requirements.

Converse the way you want. Our intuitive, intelligent Desktop, combined with mobile support, means you can converse anytime, anywhere and any way you want. Whether you’re in your office or on the go.

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Real Estate

perfect property means being there first, With text messaging, your buyers will be there, every time. Use messaging to:

Alert to new listings. Automatically alert buyers to new listings, as soon as they come on the market..

Schedule showings. Quickly set up showings to beat the other buyers to the property,

Simplify the buying process. Automate tracking and reminders for all the documents related to your sale.

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