Higher Education

Student Recruiting Demo

Your students are digital  natives. Using messaging to recruit them gives you the advantage over other institutions.

Here’s how you can use Converse to quickly reach out to students, recruit them, schedule a tour or visit and more.

Promote Your School

A web page, promotion or email campaign compels a text opt-in from a student using keyword SCHOOL. The Compliant Opt-in App manages their confirmation automatically.

Compliant Opt-in

When a client or prospect opts-in, the Compliance App automatically manages opts-in and confirmations.

Fulfill Your Promotion

Following confirmation, an automatic message delivers the information offered as part of the Opt-in promotion, using a Single Message App.

Promote a Recruiting Event

An Event Announcement is triggered through our Event App, offering registration for an Open House.

After the student registers, a confirmation is sent, followed by a series of promotions for the event.

A message in the event nurture offers the option for the student to MTG a meeting with admissions at the event, or ask to chat with someone (HELP.)


When a student responds HELP, an alert is sent to an Admissions person to contact the student. Included in the alert is the 360 degree conversational history for the student.


When a student responds MTG, a Scheduling App is automatically triggered, sharing a calendar link to schedule a meeting or other event. After the student schedules, confirmation and reminder messages are automatically sent.

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