Reliable Global Delivery

Local Language and Contact Numbers

Global Messaging Network

The most critical aspect of any conversational messaging solution is the backbone network that reliably and securely delivers messages seamlessly across diverse carriers, while supporting local regulations and languages.

Our network is purpose-built for international messaging, featuring robust enterprise-class features including:

  • Security, scale and availability. Thanks to the multi-tenant architecture of AWS, our network offers the best in availability, security and scale. That includes both servers and databases, with redundant sites in Europe and the US. All network interconnections offer full redundancy and failover. Our verification system is  based on on 2-factor authentication.
  • Assured Delivery. We track and report on message deliveries across all carriers.
  • Compliance. We meet all compliance standards across all carriers and countries.
  • Globalization. We feature a set of unique international messaging features that enable our customers to leverage native phone numbers (including their own numbers) for seamless international messaging.

Our global messaging network leverages the most reliable carriers across the globe. We integrate these diverse messaging networks into a seamless messaging delivery system featuring automated throttling and international number formatting, just to name a few of our fundamentals.


United States

Country Dialling Code: +1
Major Telcos: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint

The USA and Canada both have similar regulation & require a high-quality connection to ensure smooth delivery of SMS to the various network.

All SMS terminate to the US must send from either a U.S. pre-approved long number or short code that is associated with your account.

Long Virtual Numbers

Short Codes

Toll Free Numbers


Country Dialing Code: +61
Major Telcos: Telstra, Optus, Vodafone

We are using fully featured direct connections therefore dynamic Sender ID, concatenated SMS and delivery to ported numbers are supported.

Use-Case Supported

Messages to Landline Numbers

Best Practices

United Kingdom

Country Dialling Code: +44
Major Telcos: T-Mobile, O2, Vodafone, 3, EE

This direct connection is fully featured including handset delivery receipts, dynamic sender ID and delivery to ported numbers.

T-Mobile are filtering Sender IDs containing some symbols, including _ and –

Use-Case Supported

Messages to Landline Numbers

Best Practices