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The Only Intelligent Text Messaging Platform for Business

Converse represents the first intelligent text messaging solution for businesses using Salesforce. It empowers text messaging users to engage, win and retain more buyers, creating strong relationships that drive sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Converse Apps deliver pre-configured and ready-to-deploy messaging strategies for Salesforce, proven in customer implementations. Each App includes everything you need for a successful messaging strategy including workflows, content and analytics.
  • The Converse Desk blends intelligence with intuitive design to increase user productivity and responsiveness to multiple, high volume conversations. Salesforce users will quickly start more conversations and then intelligently deepen them to fully engage with your buyers and convert more prospects

With Converse, Salesforce users get all the sophistication of intelligent text messaging conversations, without the complexity.

Messaging Services

  • 59 direct carriers
  • SMS and MMS messages
  • Automated compliance
  • 50,000 messages with single click
  • Delivery reporting-long and short codes
  • Short code, toll free, Ring Central, BYON, landlines, call forwarding
  • Multi-language

Native Salesforce

  • Any standard or custom object
  • Classic & Lightning support
  • Sales and Service Cloud
  • Native Salesforce data, permissions and security
  • Seamless Salesforce1 integration
  • Update Salesforce records and objects from SMS App
  • Salesforce or Process Builder workflows

Messaging Application Support

  • Double opt-in
  • Auto opt-out
  • Single or bulk messages
  • Drip or multi-touch campaigns
  • Scheduled or triggered
  • Scheduling and reminders

  • Event registration and promotions
  • Surveys
  • Auto keyword response
  • Manual or automated messages
  • Automated campaigns
  • Customizable SMS templates

  • Unlimited merge fields
  • Intelligent Inbox
  • 360º conversation history
  • Marketo, Pardot, Zoho Integration
  • APIs for Custom Development
  • Intelligent alerts

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