Drive improved sales and marketing conversations

Upgrade to SMS-Magic Fall 2021 release to expand your global reach with new supported messaging channel and series of usability enhancements.

This Release is applicable for Zoho, Salesforce and Mobile App.

Run More Robust Messaging Campaigns on Zoho


Respond faster and smarter using SMS-Magic Mobile App

Message your customers on SMS and WhatsApp from Zoho

Enable, centralize and integrate multichannel customer conversations in your Zoho account to help your reps manage high-stakes conversations faster than ever.
Zoho Text Solution SMS-Magic
Send Automated whatsapp and sms messages

Send automated WhatsApp and
SMS messages

Trigger automated messages to be sent to customers via WhatsApp or SMS for various time-sensitive communications such as response to new inquiries, meeting confirmations, follow-ups, and more.

Access all customer conversations
in one place

Centralize all message threads from the outset across customers, channels, agents, and Zoho modules in chronological order. Get reference and context about who the customer is and where they are in the sales cycle.

Access All Customer conversation in one place

Do more with conversational messaging