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Messaging is everyone’s favorite way of communicating! SMS-Magic provides a fully integrated messaging platform to communicate with customers and prospects across multiple channels and keep track of all conversations in one place.


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SMS-Magic helps you level up your digital readiness to better engage with your audience. With messaging you’ll see:


Messaging Use Case

Like many companies and organizations, Northwest University in Seattle was struggling to engage their audience. Students weren’t replying to emails and getting them on the phone was also difficult.

In an effort to increase engagement, the university began their messaging programs by: 

  • Messaging application and tuition deadline reminders 
  • Sending event reminders 
  • Sending links to schedule appointments or campus tours 

It sounds simple, but the result was incredible. Their response rate shot from .05% to 15% and they saw higher event turnout. The university eventually replaced their student call center with a texting center because their audience had such a strong preference for texting vs phone calls.

Plus, the university saved their staff hours of time every week they used to spend scheduling appointments and manually sending out reminders about events and deadlines.

Make the Most of Your Messaging Campaigns

Here are a few messaging tips and tricks that will help you on your way to messaging success.

  • Automated Messaging: When you set up and use automated messaging you’ll see benefits including reduced time spent on tedious tasks like scheduling and appointment reminders and faster responses to your leads and customers.  
  • Message Templates: By using templates you ensure that your messages are cohesive across all departments and you get back time your employees would have spent thinking about what to write or say in a message. It’s easy, fast, and incredibly effective. 
  • Testing: With SMS-Magic your messages all sync back to your CRM, so it’s easy to track conversations and campaigns. You get instant insight into what is working and what can be improved for better conversations.

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