SMS-Magic on Zoho Recruit helps you quickly send text messages to Candidates, Contacts, and Interviewers. You can send SMS messages either as a Single or Bulk campaign from Zoho Recruit.

Registration with SMS-Magic

You will need to first choose an appropriate plan from the pricing page. You can either opt for a 15-day trial or purchase immediately. You’ll need to sign up by providing the correct information about you and your company.

Click this button to go to the registration form page:

If you encounter any difficulty, don’t hesitate to contact us through email at sales@sms-magic.com

Configure SMS settings in Zoho Recruit

Configure the SMS add-on to send SMS messages to Candidates, Contacts, or Interviewers (in the Contact list).

  • Only the admin can purchase credits from an SMS Vendor and configure the SMS settings in Zoho Recruit
  • Only the admin can create SMS templates for candidates, client contacts, and Interviewers
  • Only the admin can send bulk SMS messages to candidates and client contacts
  • Both the admin and recruiter can send SMS messages to interviewer, candidates, and client contacts–as either single or bulk
  • Only the admin can give SMS add-on access to recruiters

Follow these steps to configure SMS settings:

  1. Click on the Settings tab
  1. Click on the SMS Settings in the right pane
  1. Configure SMS Settings as follows:
    • Set the Vendor to Screen Magic
    • If you have already registered with SMS-Magic, enter the authentication details. If not, then it is first necessary that you register to obtain the authentication details.
    • Choose the phone fields for both Candidates and Client contacts module and click on the OK button.
  1. Purchase credits for sending SMS messages from SMS-Magic

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Important Announcement!

URGENT! Please register the 10-digit business phone number (e.g. 555-555-5555) that your organization uses to send texts to consumers in the U.S. Failure to register may cause heavy penalties and disruption to all your text messaging communications.