More than 50% of iOS users and more than 80% of Android users enable push notifications on their mobile devices. Push notifications are a great way to seek the attention of the users and help them take immediate actions resulting in increased engagement and improved user retention.

Push Notifications

*Note: To receive push notifications you need to enable push notifications for the SMS-Magic Application on your device.

Users will get notified with a push notification with the contact name and the text when a message is received from saved contacts or unknown contacts.

Push notification works with a single owner of Sender ID or with a shared Sender ID. For a single owner of Sender ID, the user will get a push notification on the mobile device irrespective of whether the message is sent by a known contact or an unknown contact. With a shared Sender ID, the owner of the last message sent to the contact (from a known contact or an unknown contact) will get the push notification.

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Important Announcement!

URGENT! Please register the 10-digit business phone number (e.g. 555-555-5555) that your organization uses to send texts to consumers in the U.S. Failure to register may cause heavy penalties and disruption to all your text messaging communications.