Installation and Configuration

You need to have a valid Zoho CRM account on which you have installed the SMS-Magic Extension. The supported CRM editions are –

  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Enterprise
  • CRM Plus
  • Zoho One
  • Ultimate

You need to have an SMS-Magic account and configure Zoho CRM to work with this account.

Note: SMS-Magic offers limited support for Standard and Professional editions of Zoho CRM.

Subscription and SMS Pack

Choose an SMS-Magic Subscription Plan to enjoy the features that are available in SMS-Magic. You can purchase a subscription directly, or evaluate the trial version for up to 15 days.

Purchase one or more SMS Packs to replenish SMS credits for your account.

Incoming Number

  • To use any of the incoming features, you first need to acquire a dedicated incoming number to receive replies from your recipients.
  • All the SMS messages received on this number are pushed to your Zoho CRM and will also be recorded in your SMS-Magic account.

For information on how to Install and Configure SMS-Magic on Zoho, read our Installation Guide.

You can also contact sales@sms-magic.com for more details and assistance.