Upload Existing Consent Database

We store the consent record in Converse 1.59 differently as compared to the previous version of SMS-Magic Converse.

Prior to the 1.59 release, we used to store consent information like Opted-In or Opted-Out on the object record detail page. The disadvantage of this style of storing consent information is that if the same number exist for two lead records and one record has opted-in and another record has opted-out information. The system will block one message but will still send the message to another record.

To overcome the above problem, we maintain consent information in Consent object and not at the object record level. These consent records are referred to when a user attempts to send messages via bulk, automated or manually. So, for example, the Bulk source, the Consent Required is configured, the system will always check for an Opt-In entry in Consent object. For more information about content databases, see Upload Existing Consent Database.

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