Run a Survey

There are two ways to run SMS Surveys using SMS-Magic Converse:

  • You can leverage the functional capability of Converse Apps to design the complete survey. The Converse App helps you create automation templates and define message flows. Once done, you can integrate those with process builders to create message triggers and run the survey campaigns. You can define templates and message responses based on your business requirements.
  • You can also create a simple message campaign with two message flows. Send a survey participation request upon receiving the expected response, attach the survey link in the message response template.

For more information about creating a survey, see Run a Survey.

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ATTENTION!!!! - Urgent Action Required

There have been new changes by the TCP that require companies sending application-to-person (A2P) SMS or Text messages within the United States to register their Brand and 10-digit long code (10DLC) numbers they are using.

The goal is to build trust within the system while delivering high customer engagement. SMS Text Messages will start failing if you don't comply with these regulations.

SMS Magic team wants to help you complete this process so you can continue serving your customers.

Please click on the below link to complete the form, and our team will start the registration process.