Multi-Touch Campaigns

Marketo Campaign

The Marketo platform can be synced with SMS-Magic Converse.  This enables the users to access the Lead records from the Marketo Lead database and send automated messages. Once integrated, you can also search for new or existing leads on the Marketo Platform. For more information, see Automate SMS Messaging in Marketo.

Pardot Campaign

The Pardot integration helps to simplify the process of receiving automated messages when a customer interacts with your business. You can create a Converse App task and configure it within a Pardot form to receive automated messages against any customer interaction. You can also leverage the SMS on Workflow to send an automated message against a lead generation action. For more information, see Automate SMS Messaging in Pardot.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

You can send automated messages through Salesforce Marketing Cloud using Converse App tasks. You can associate templates for sending messages from the Marketing Cloud. Converse App tasks are configured within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) Journey Builder. For more information, see Configure Converse App Task in Marketing Cloud.

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