SMS-Magic Converse is a simple business messaging app, that enables you to text right from your Salesforce CRM. You can empower your agents to do interactive messaging, automated messaging, and campaigns. SMS-Magic Converse makes it easy for admins to set up the app with clickable wizards for even the most complex use cases, like surveys, drip campaigns, nurtures, and keyword-based automation.

This Quickstart guide will give you a headstart on your messaging journey. If you are evaluating SMS messaging for your business then this guide will help you take a positive decision by knowing the technical steps and critical considerations. It also tells you how SMS-Magic Converse can empower your business with a simple business texting solution.

Quick Snapshot to Converse Configuration Steps

You can quickstart your trial or implementation with an easy step-by-step guide. With the magical wizards in SMS-Magic Converse, this guide will reduce your onboarding time from weeks to days. We have leveraged our 11 years of experience and created this Quickstart Guide to ensure you have a good experience – whether you are evaluating SMS-Magic Converse or implementing it.