Trigger Nurture Campaign

As a user, you can trigger a nurture campaign on generated leads to make sure the product caters to your business requirements. 

NOTE: Before you trigger a nurture campaign, you need to check if a lead is created. Follow the steps in the above section, ‘Create a Lead & obtain Double Opt-in’ to create a lead. 

Once a lead is created, you can then follow the below steps to trigger the campaign:

  • The campaign will be already created and saved as a ‘Draft’ and will appear in the campaign list as shown below:
Campaign Draft
  • Click on the three dots on the extreme right corner to view the details of the campaign, edit, or clone the campaign
  • Click on the ‘Edit’ button, the following page will appear, where you can start the campaign:
Sample Nurture Campaign
Sender ID and template Selection

Here all the campaign details such as recipients, phone number, Sender ID, templates, and campaign execution schedule will be already configured.

  • Click on the ‘Start Campaign’ button. The campaign will start and the message will be triggered as shown in the below images:
Campaign Message Triggered
Campaign message triggered 1

NOTE: To view the above conversations in the CRM, you can go to the Converse Desk. Follow the below steps to go to the Converse Desk:

SMS Magic Converse
  • Search for SMS-Magic Converse in the search bar, the following SMS-Magic Converse home page will appear:
SMS Magic Converse Desk
  • Click on the Converse Desk option on the left side, as shown in the image above. The following Inbox page will appear:
Converse Inbox
  • Here, click on the lead that you had created, ‘Manas’. The following conversation window will appear:
Conversation View
  • Here you can see all the conversations in the same sequence, the way they appeared on your mobile number 

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