With a decade of messaging leadership, SMS-Magic believes that how you engage with your audience is the key to your business success. That’s why our messaging platform is built in a way to make it easy for you to create seamless communication experiences with your customers and leads. Our clients have 40% more conversions and a 25% faster sales cycle.

Better engage with your audience through customized conversational messaging. With SMS-Magic Converse, you can achieve the following at ease:

  • One-On-One messaging to establish a dialogue with the customers
  • Send automated appointment reminders, enrollment reminders, notifications, surveys, discounts and coupons, and feedback forms
  • Respond to the customers on the go

The SMS-Magic Free Trial is pre-configured, where you don’t have to do any setup to start experiencing conversational messaging. Register for the pre-configured trial experience and try creating a lead, obtaining a double opt-in consent, start a nurture campaign, and take an NPS survey to know if the product caters to your business requirements.

NOTE: Do not import your business data in the trial account and the trial account will expire in 7 days and we will not be able to migrate your data to another org.

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