Create a Lead & Obtain Double Opt-in

Once the users register for the Free Trial, they can start creating leads, obtain double opt-in from the leads, trigger nurture campaigns, and also see the NPS survey to make sure that the product caters to their business requirements.

NOTE: Please do not enter your actual business data in this org.

To begin with, after successful registration for the Free Trial, the user will be directly redirected to the following home page of Salesforce:

create a lead and double optin
  • As a user, you will have to obtain double opt-in from the recipient before sending messages to them to make sure that your organization has respected the consent of the recipient. For this, before you obtain double opt-in from the recipient, you need to add them as a lead. 
  • Follow the below steps to add the recipients as a lead:
Search lead

Search for the ‘Leads’ option from the Search Bar, the following page will appear:

Leads tab

Here, the user needs to create a lead of their own name and mobile number so as to experience the trial features on their mobile phone. 

  • To add a lead, click on the ‘New’ button, the following new lead information window will appear:
Create New Lead

Here, you need to fill in the details of the new lead to proceed. 

  • Enter the salutation for the lead in the ‘Salutation’ field
  • Enter the first name of the lead in the ‘First Name’ field
  • Enter the last name of the lead in the ‘Last Name’ field
  • Enter the name of the company of the lead in the ‘Company’ field
  • Enter the mobile number is in the ‘Mobile’ field
  • Enter other details such as fax, lead title, email address, lead source, and website in respective fields
  • Click on the ‘Cancel’ button to close the lead information page
  • Click on the ‘Save and New’ button to save the details of the lead and add another lead
  • Click on the ‘Save’ button, the lead will appear on the leads home page as shown below:
Recently Created lead
  • Once the lead is created, initially the consent status will be in the ‘Pending’ state 
  • A double opt-in message will be auto-triggered on their mobile number that was used while registering for the Free Trial, as shown below:
Optin message on free trial
  • To accept the double opt-in, the lead or the recipient needs to respond with an ‘OPTIN’ message:
Send Optin message
  • Once the OPTIN is sent by the lead, they will receive the following message on their mobile number:
Message after optin

As the OPTIN is received from the lead, the consent status in the CRM will now change to ‘Double Opt-in’.

  • To opt-out, the lead can send an ‘OPTOUT’ message

NOTE:To view the above conversations in the CRM, you can go to the Converse Desk. Follow the below steps to go to the Converse Desk:

SMS Magic Converse
  • Search for SMS-Magic Converse in the search bar, the following SMS-Magic Converse home page will appear:
create a lead and double optin
  • Click on the Converse Desk option on the left side, as shown in the image above. The following ‘Inbox’ page will appear:
Converse Inbox
  • Here, click on the lead that you had created. The following conversation window of that lead will appear:
Email thread view
  • Here you can see all the conversations in the same sequence, the way they appeared on your mobile number 

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