The URL Shortening and Tracking feature allows user to shorten a URL thereby reducing the characters in the link and hiding the parameters which deter recipients from clicking on the link.Clicks on all short links created using SMS-Magic are tracked and the information such as time of the click, country, browser, and device type are synced to Salesforce.

Add Shortlink
Shortned link

Configuring User Profiles

Salesforce administrators can control access to the URL Shortening features using the hierarchical custom settings known as URL Shortening Configuration.

Follow the steps below to configure access to the URL Shortening:

  1. Create a record in the custom setting of URL Shortening Configuration for user-profiles.
  2. Click the checkbox next to ‘Is URL Shortening Enabled’ 
  3. Create a record for user-profiles and enter different expiry duration to specify different default expiry duration for user profiles
  4. Refer to the figure below for URL Shortening Configuration
URL Shortening configuration

1. In addition to the custom setting, the SMS-Magic License assigned to users should also provide access to the URL Shortening and Tracking feature.
2.URL Shortening and Tracking feature must be enabled for your account.

Expiring Short Links

The option to expire short links is available for data clean-up only. Expired short links become a dead link. Admins should check with businesses and expire only the short links that are not  in use for some time. Admins should ensure to remove short links from the templates before expiring them.

Follow the steps below to expire Short Links:

Expiring short links
  1. Navigate to the Shortened Links tab
  2. Select short links to expire
  3. Click Bulk Link Delete Expire
  4. Read the warning
  5. Click the checkbox ‘I Confirm to expire the links permanently’
  6. Click Expire to permanently expire the links

Deleting Short URL

The option to delete short links has been provided purely for data cleanup. Any short link that is deleted would free up space but at the same time, lose all existing click tracking and the short link would become a dead link. Admins are advised to check with businesses and delete only those short links that are very old and have not been used in messages for some time. Admins are also advised to ensure that short links are removed from templates before deleting them.

Deleting Short URLs
  1. Navigate to the Shortened Links tab
  2. Select short links to expire
  3. Click on the Bulk Link Delete button
  4. Read the warning
  5. Check the “I Confirm to delete the links permanently” checkbox
  6. Click on the ‘Delete’ button to permanently delete the links

Automation of URL Shortening

A Long URL stored in a record can be shortened automatically using Process Builder. Admins can set-up a Process Builder that is configured once, after that the shortening of URL happens automatically.

Admins can follow the steps below to set-up a Process Builder:

  1. Under Long URL, enter the Long URL
  1. This step is optional. Under Slash Tag, enter the custom Slash Tag.
  2. Click Save to complete.


Refer Error Logs tab provided in the SMS-Magic Converse package to see details of any errors.

Troubleshooting URL shortening