Steps to Schedule a Data Processing Batch Overview

The opt-out analysis, compliance enforcement stats, and agent productivity dashboards can be updated daily or monthly depending on the schedule of a ComplianceDashboardScheduler from Salesforce ‘Schedule Apex’ in the setup of your org.

Below are the steps to schedule a consent compliance & opt-out analysis:

  • Go to the ‘Setup’ section
  • Search for ‘Apex Classes’
  • Click on the ‘Schedule Apex’ button
  • Fill the required data and click on the ‘Search’ icon (you can give any name to Job Name)
  • Select ‘ComplianceDashboardScheduler’ from the list
  • Select Frequency (Weekly / Monthly)
  • Select the start date, and end date in respective fields from the date calendar
  • Select the preferred start time (time when you want to update the Dashboard)
  • Click on the ‘Save’ button
  • To check the status of batch execution, go to the ‘Setup’ menu
  • Search for ‘Apex Jobs’
  • Check for the Status of Jobs. (Status indicates batch is executed or not)