Sending Message on Creation of Lead on Marketo

Here is the step by step video on how to send message on creation of lead on marketo

With the SMS-Magic App, you can send SMS on lead creation, lead updation, lead activity events and also run text drip campaigns to engage with your prospects and customers. You have to first install the SMS-Magic app from the app exchange and register and configure this application on your Salesforce instance.

Companies have multiple venues from where they collect inbound leads. Let us consider the scenario where users have a setup scheduling demo lead forms on their website and they collect demo leads. Once you fill up a lead form and submit it, the lead directly goes to the Salesforce and the Salesforce syncs the leads to the Marketo instance. Now to welcome this lead and trigger an SMS, we have to set up a converse app, which is basically setting up an automation. 

  • To set up the converse app, create your templates and choose your Sender ID before triggering a message that would define what kind of message has to be triggered
  • We can add multiple templates in the Converse app and define what action has to be taken on those messages. Through the Sender ID, users who are going to book the demo will receive a message upon booking the demo. 
  • In the next step, copy the action key and create a task in Marketo. Marketo will understand the action of any event, like booking a demo for that particular lead.
  • In the next step, in the smart campaign, define to whom the message is to be sent, what message, when it will be sent, and the results.  
  • In the smart list, build a very basic Trigger, a smart campaign, and check if a person is created as a lead and is coming from ‘book a demo’, that is, Calendly. 
  • Next, create a task in Salesforce for this particular lead. For this, copy the action key and trigger the campaign. 
  • If any new lead books a demo with inbound lead on the website then automatically a welcome message will be triggered. This task gets created in CRM against a particular lead. 

This is the basic lead creation flow. 

Sending Message on Updation of Lead on Marketo

Here is the step by step video on how to send a message on updation of lead on marketo

We have scenarios where lead fields are updated manually or automatically, which changes the lead record. In such cases, we trigger an SMS to inform the customers or prospects about their recent status updates. 

Let us consider that our lead was booked as an inbound lead on a website demo page where he booked a demo with us. The lead, after an interaction with the sales team, has now moved forward in the lead pipeline and the lead status is now going to change and needs to be communicated to the customer. Once we update the lead status manually, an SMS will be triggered. 

Here is how the lead updation message can be triggered: 

  • First set up the template on the Converse App 
  • On the Converse App, add another template to share the credentials with the lead once it is converted 
  • Define an automation flow for this. This is the automation type that supports the process builder and so it will trigger the template once we have the changed status of the lead.
  • Check if the status is changed in Marketo. So Marketo will Trigger an event for sending a templatized SMS with a Sender ID 
  • Once you define this automation in Converse App, copy this action key and go back to the Marketo Instance, and create one more smart campaign 
  • Create an Onboarding Flow smart campaign and define who is going to be a part of this smart campaign
  • A task gets created in Salesforce with an SMS notification subject and our key value. This is a trigger-based campaign, so once you paste the action key, you have to activate it. 
  • Change the status of the lead. The moment we change the status to sandbox installation and save it, it will trigger an SMS with the template that we have defined. 

This is the basic lead updation flow.

Sending message in Drip Campaign on Marketo

Here is the step by step video on sending message in drip campaign on Marketo

It is possible to run drip campaigns with a combination of emails and SMS, set up SMS triggers on Email inactivity and SMS on cart abandonment scenarios.

  • For running drip campaigns with a combination of emails and SMS, we can set a nurture program on SMS & email channels for leads coming from Google Ads 
  • For setting SMS trigger on email inactivity, we can trigger SMS when there is no activity on marketing emails 
  • We can also send SMS to bring back cart abandoned website visitors

First, we set up a stream that combines 3 emails, 1 SMS, and an entry criteria for users who would receive these emails and SMS.

We run an ad campaign on Google ads and attach that to a Salesforce campaign. Then attach all the users who are a part of that Salesforce campaign to the engagement program and activate the stream. On activating this, all the users who have clicked on the ad on Google ads will be a part of the campaign and will receive 3 emails and 1 SMS from the company. 

Setting up the SMS

We can set up an SMS and send it to selected recipients. So in SMS, there is a program, with 3 emails and 1 SMS. First, check the basic conditions like in stream 1 to whom the previous mail was delivered; we will send them the SMS. After we have applied a delay of 1 hour we create a task in Salesforce and in a similar fashion we send the SMS. 

Email not opened trigger

Let’s consider a case where we have sent emails to the customers but they have not opened the emails. You can trigger a smart campaign ‘send SMS if not clicked links in email campaigns’. The campaign will be triggered if people are not clicking links in the email within a certain time. 

Cart Abandoned Use Case

Let us consider an eCommerce website. This is where you can bring more organic traffic to your website. To bring back the users who have left the cart checkout journey, send them reminders on SMS. For this, first define a smart list for all the web page users. If somebody has added some product in their checkout, add a flow with a wait time of 1 day, and then Trigger an SMS notification to the user for completing the checkout.

These are the various drip-related scenarios that can be run on the Marketo platform with SMS-Magic App for sending SMS.