Salesforce org (For Admin only)

Once the Org is created or upgraded to package 1.64 do the following setup:

  1. Setup -> Custom Metadata -> Interface Details -> Manage Records
  2. Create New
  3. Add “Interface Category” as “SINGLE”
  4. Source Code -> “4001”.
  5. Interface Details Name” -> “MOBILE_APPLICATION”
  6. Label” -> “MOBILE_APPLICATION”.
  7. Click on the Save button

Customer sign up of each user (Admins/ Non-Admins):

  1. Go to SMS-Magic.com
  2. Under “For Customers” select Login
  3. Select the Region
  4. Select Sign in with Salesforce
  5. Select the environment (Sandbox/Production) from the dropdown
  6. On the Salesforce login screen Enter your credentials

Once you complete the above steps, install the app on your mobile device and login to the app with your Salesforce credentials.

Push notifications settings

This is required only if you have omnichannel/existing process builders configured in your org. Below process builder needs to be set up for the push notifications that would send notifications to the correct conversation owners:

Install the App

This section describes all about how to install the mobile app in your Salesforce environment. Download the app from the store by searching for SMS-Magic on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The app is completely free. Install and launch it just like any other app on your smartphone.

Sign In

After you install the SMS-Magic mobile app on an Android or iOS device, sign in to the application using valid credentials and start conversing seamlessly. To sign in to the SMS-Magic mobile app, users can use their Salesforce, Zoho, or Email credentials. 

Here you need to use your Salesforce credentials to sign in to the app and start conversing with your customers by sending SMS messages manually or through templates.

  • Click on the ‘Salesforce’ option. The sign-in screen will appear:
  • Enter your username and password in relevant fields
  • Check the ‘Remember Me’ checkbox to let the system remember your credentials for future logins
  • Click on the ‘Log In’ button to proceed
  • You will have to verify your identity in the next step. Enter the verification code that you receive on your email ID. Click on the ‘Verify’ button to proceed.

Once the user is logged in to the mobile app using Salesforce credentials, they will be able to manage their contacts, view/send messages to known and unknown contacts from the inbox, manage message objects, and a lot more. 

*Note: To log in to the SMS-Magic app on a mobile phone the user needs to have an SMS-Magic Salesforce license

Salesforce Sign in

Once you configure the mobile app settings, you can sign in to the app through Salesforce by following the below steps. Here, you use your Salesforce credentials to sign in to the application.

  • Click on the ‘Sign In with Salesforce’ button to continue
  • Enter your Salesforce credentials
  • Enter OTP (the OTP is sent in your registered email address)
Note: Only those users who have an SMS-Magic Salesforce license, will have access to the Mobile App.

Email Sign in

This is another simple way to sign in to the SMS-Magic Converse mobile app. Here you use your email credentials to sign in to the app and start seamless conversations with your customers.

  • Select the ‘Sign In with Email’ option
  • Enter your email address and password in relevant fields
  • Click on the ‘Sign In’ button to proceed