Unable to add users/view the correct number of available licenses

Issue Scenario

User is unable to add new users or even view the correct number of available licenses.

Possible Causes

•User trying to add licenses may not have access to the License Object.

•User who is being added may not be an active user and their license status may not be set to true.


Follow the given procedure to resolve the issue:

1.Verify that the user who is adding licenses has access to the License object (smagicinteract__License__c).

2.Check the Error Logs object for any entries registered for the issue.

3.Verify that the user being added is an active user and has the license status set to true.

a.To check the license status:

i.On the Developer Console, click Query editor on the panel below.

ii.Type the following code:

Select smagicinteract__User__r.name, smagicinteract__Status__c, 
smagicinteract__User__c, smagicinteract__User__r.IsActive from smagicinteract__License__c 

SMS History Visibility with Sharing Setting Rules

Issue Scenario

Ensure SMS History visibility for specific user groups by creating new Sharing Setting Rules.


Assign a specific Sender Id, SMS History and Incoming SMS records to a limited number of users.

Step 1: Create a group of all the users who are assigned a specific sender ID and limited access to SMS History and Incoming SMS records based on your requirement.

1.Under Setup search for Public Groups in the Quick Find Search.

2.Click New to create a new group.

3.Type a name for the group.

4.Search the users you wish to add to the group.

5.Select the Users and click  to move them from Available Members list to Selected Members list.

6.Click Save.

Step 2: Change the Sender ID to Private.

1.Under Setup search for Sharing Settings in the Quick Find search box.

2.Under Sharing Settings, click Edit.

3.Search SMS Sender ID (try using Ctrl + F), SMS History and Incoming SMS.

4.Select Private in the picklist for all three objects.

5.Click Save.

Step 3: Create a New SMS Sender ID Sharing Rule

1.On the Sharing Settings page, scroll down to the section on SMS SenderId Sharing Rules .

2.Click New. The SMS Sender ID Sharing Rule page appears.

3.Add a Label

4.Under Select your Rule Type click the Based on Criteria option.

5.Under Select which Records to be Shared, define the following criteria:

i.Under Field click senderid

ii.Under Operator click equals

iii.Under Value provide the Sender ID.

6.Under Select the users to share with, select public group in first field and then select the group you created earlier (in Step 1 above) in the adjacent field.

7.Under Select the level of Access for the Users, select Read Only.

8.Click Save.

You can also create new SMS History Sharing Rules and Incoming SMS Sharing Rules with your desired criteria depending on the record owner.

Step 4: Update User Profiles

1.View the profiles of all the users to whom you are assigning specific sender ID’s, SMS History and Incoming SMS sharing rules.

2.On their individual profile pages, click Edit. The profile page appears as shown.

3.Under Custom Object permissions, look for SMS SenderIdsSMS Sender ID profile map , SMS HistoryIncoming SMS.

4.Clear all selections to remove the View all and Modify all access from these profiles.

5.Click Save.

Unable to Send or Receive Messages Due to Insufficient Privileges

Issue  Scenario

User is unable to send or receive messages owing to insufficient privileges.

Possible Causes

The user does not have appropriate permissions to create SMS records.


A minimum set of access is required to send and receive text messages.  Refer the section on SMS-Magic Converse Permission Details in the SMS-Magic Converse Guide for Salesforce Admin following link to review and grant appropriate access.

You can also grant the SMS-Magic Permission sets to users.
The Permission Management section under Converse Settings provides the details on available permissions.

Error occurs while saving changes in User Profile

Issue  Scenario

While saving changes made to any profile, the following error occurs:

Possible Causes

This is a Salesforce error and is occurring because the profile does not have the required permissions which have a dependency on the permissions that have already been activated for the profile. The active permissions include:

•Create/Read/Edit/Delete permission for “Incoming MMS Details” object

•Create/Read/Edit/Delete permission for “LV MMS Details” object

•Create/Read/Edit/Delete permission for “MMS Details” object.


To access the above mentioned object, you first need to provide a required dependent missing permission (at least a read permission)  for  objects mentioned below:

•SMS History object

•Incoming SMS object

•List View Configurations

Once you enable access for these objects you will no longer receive the error message while saving profile.

Refer the following URL for more details on resolving this problem: