SMS-Magic is a complete solution to do business messaging via multi-channels such as WhatsApp, SMS, MMS, and Facebook. The primary target user personas/end-users are Sales and Marketing Representatives and Service Agents. For many businesses, these are on-field users, who prefer an easy-to-use mobile app to converse with their customers. 

With SMS-Magic Mobile App, you have continuing, personalized seamless conversations, regardless of the channel. Go multichannel via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, text, MMS, and more and start conversing seamlessly with your leads, customers, and prospects from anywhere. 

Engage customers on the go and from anywhere with the SMS-Magic Mobile App. Here is what you get:

  • Enable sharing of images, files, videos, and live photos for a richer messaging experience.
  • Give your employees the flexibility to assist customers from their own devices.
  • Ensure data privacy and regulatory compliance while managing customer expectations.
  • Real-time push notifications for increased customer engagement and improved user retention
  • Sync data between CRM and mobile and ​​start/tag conversations with campaign leads, opportunities, candidates, cases, etc.

Now you can give your customers the ability to offer a personalized customer experience beyond a desktop, i.e. via SMS-Magic Mobile App. Stay in tune with your CRM, start and tag conversations with campaign leads, opportunities, candidates, cases, etc. and keep your customer conversations always on through multichannel messaging. 

Your customers won’t need to install anything! Users can send messages from the SMS-Magic mobile app while customers receive them as text messages.

You can install the SMS-Magic Mobile app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store:

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ATTENTION!!!! - Urgent Action Required

There have been new changes by the TCR that require companies sending application-to-person (A2P) SMS or Text messages within the United States to register their Brand and 10-digit long code (10DLC) numbers they are using.

The goal is to build trust within the system while delivering high customer engagement. SMS Text Messages will start failing if you don't comply with these regulations.

SMS Magic team wants to help you complete this process so you can continue serving your customers.

Please click on the below link to complete the form, and our team will start the registration process.