OAuth User Management and Failover

OAuth user management and failover serve the purpose of providing customers the ability to have multiple users, wherein, when the message connection mode is enabled between SMS-Magic and Salesforce, one user will be the main user and other users will be the backup users. 

If a message connection (OAuth) fails for whatever reason, the failover method will automatically switch the standby users to the main user and vice versa. Using this feature, message synchronization will not be interrupted, and incoming messages and delivery reports for messages will be synced on a regular basis.

Admin will be able to add 3 users. When the OAuth connection fails then automatically it will connect to the next connected user. 

This section can be accessible from Get Started -> Connected Users

Once the user is added for OAuth, their status can be ‘Connected’, ‘Requested’, or ‘Disconnected’:

  • Connected – The user is connected with a message connection
  • Requested – The admin user has requested another user to be a part of the OAuth user management
  • Disconnected – The user is disconnected 

Add User

The Admin can add up to 3 users. 

For new users “Add only Admin Users for standby users”.

When a user is added, an email notification is sent to the requested user and the status is mapped as ‘Requested’. The requested user has to log in to the portal and connect to Salesforce, then the status will be mapped as ‘Connected’. 

The system recognizes all users that are in ‘Connected’ status and will automatically connect with them whenever the OAuth message connection fails. This ensures that the message sync remains uninterrupted. The auto failover feature will work only for the users who are in ‘Connected’ status.

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