Create Message Template

To create a new Message Template, follow the below steps –

Click on Create New on the Message Templates page to create a new message template. You get 4 sections on this page –

  • Basic Information
  • Used for Channels
  • Compose Message
  • Channel Specific Info

Basic Information

In this section, enter the below details –

  • Enter Template Name
  • Enter a Label, to help you identify templates’ use. You can enter a new label or select from an existing label.
  • Select a Template Type
    • Automation: These templates are used in sending Automated messages
    • Campaign: These templates are used in sending Bulk Campaigns
    • Conversation: These templates are used in one on one conversations 

Used for Channels

Select the messaging channel for which the Message Template will be used. (SMS/WhatsApp)

Channel Specific Info

  • Enter the Channel Specific Information.
    • For Channel SMS, no extra information is required
    • For Channel WhatsApp, select the checkbox, if the template is a registered (pre-approved) WhatsApp template.
  • If the template is a Registered template for WhatsApp, then enter the below information-
    • WhatsApp Template Name – This name should match the name of the template created in your WhatsApp Business Account.
    • WhatsApp Template Namespace – This value should match the namespace ID found in your WhatsApp Business Account.
    • Locale – Select a locale value (language) in which your template is registered with WhatsApp.
SMS channel selected
Whatsapp channel selected

Compose Message

Compose the Template Message. You can add text, merge fields, emoticons, and media attachments.

Based on the channel selected for this template, below are the options available while composing the message –

  • For SMS Channel
  1. Enter Text, Emoticons.
  2. Select Merge Fields. The merge fields are placeholders, which get replaced by actual values, for the recipient to whom the message is sent.
  3. Add a media file. This will convert the SMS into MMS. Based on the media formats supported by the MMS provider, you will be allowed to add a media file with a file size limit of 5MB. 
  • For WhatsApp Channel
    1. Non-Registered WhatsApp Template
      • Follow the same steps of Compose message as for SMS Template
    2. Registered WhatsApp template
      • Enter text, emoticons, merge fields
      • If your registered template is of media type, select one of the Media types from Image, Video, Document, and Location
      • Enter the necessary details for the media type you select
      • You can add a link to the media file or Browse for the media file on your device
      • Supported file formats and file size is mentioned for each media type

The message text should be the same as the registered template text. Placeholders in the text should be replaced with merge fields.

Click on the ‘Save’ button. You can see the template added in the List of Message Templates.

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