Conversation is an interactive communication between two or more people. It is a thread of messages between customers and agents. It is important to track these messages  to monitor and streamline the customer relationship journey of your business.

Converse Desk provides you  an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. It features a familiar Inbox style, making it simple for users to begin messaging with little or no training. The Converse Desk also features intelligence that guides users to effectively manage and respond to any volume of messaging conversations.

You can send SMS and WhatsApp messages over Converse Desk.You can identify SMS and WhatsApp Conversations easily via the SMS and WhatsApp icons as seen in the screenshot below.

Initiate a New Conversation

You can initiate a new conversation with an existing contact from Contacts List or type in a Phone Number directly.

Follow the below steps to Send a new message –

  1. Type in Full Name. (Contact suggestions are displayed while typing a name)
  2. Select the Country Code (ISD Code) from the dropdown and type in the number. example, Select 1 for USA and type in 85********. (This is auto-populated if a Contact is selected from Contacts List)
  3. Select Sender ID
  4. Type in a Message or use pre-defined Templates to converse. You can search from the available Conversation type templates for the selected Channel.
  5. You can also add Media files and add Emoticons to your message
  6. Click on the ’Send’ button
A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated
If you are initiating a conversation with a customer via WhatsApp channel, you can send a registered WhatsApp template. Make sure that you have already uploaded the consent of the customer in Consent Management.
If you send a custom message or select a non-registered WhatsApp template, you can get an error in case the Customer Care Window of 24hours with that customer is closed.


My Inbox

All  conversations with at least one incoming message will appear in My Inbox. 

For the Sender ID/s owned only by you, all the incoming messages will be shown in your Inbox.

In case of Shared Sender ID, i.e., when a Sender ID is shared with one or more Standard Users, the incoming message will be added in the conversation from which the last message was sent using that Sender ID.

For messages coming from an unknown recipient for the first time, the messages will be synced to i.e. shown in Admin user’s inbox. Other incoming messages will be shown in the inbox of the user who last sent an outgoing message or was assigned the conversation.

Sender ID Inbox

Alongwith the Inbox, where you see all your conversations at one place, we provide you with a Sender ID inboxes, filtered to show the conversations happening on a single Sender ID. You will see separate Sender ID inboxes for each Sender ID if you own/have access to more than one sender ID.

Team Inbox

This feature enables the Admin user to view the Inbox of all the Standard users. This way, the Admin user is aware of all the customer conversations done by the agents (standard users).

All the Standard users who have a Portal license, their Inbox will be listed under Team Inbox. Admin Users can click on a Standard user’s Inbox to see the conversations done by that standard user.

A standard user cannot see the Team Inbox section in Converse Desk.

Sent Messages

All the conversations initiated or replied to, by you, will appear in Sent Messages.

Manage Conversations

You can manage your conversations and take a few actions as per your need for one or more conversations.

Conversation Window

This is a chat interface to communicate easily with a customer. You can see the outgoing and  incoming messages in a selected conversation. Follow the below steps to open the conversation window for a conversation and start chatting.

  • Click on the conversation in My Inbox/Sent Messages/Team Inbox you wish to view or send a message
  • You can view the outgoing and incoming messages in this conversation  separated with Date and Time
  • You can type in your message in the compose box, at the bottom of the Conversation Window and Send the message
  • You can add Media files and Emoticons while composing the message
  • You can use saved Message Templates of type Conversation. You can search from the available list of templates.
  • You can see the status of the sent messages update on the window. The status can be interpreted as-
    • Single tick – Message Sent successfully
    • Double tick – Message Delivered
    • Blue Double tick (for WhatsApp) – Message Read by the recipient
    • Red Triangle Icon – Message not sent
    • Clock Icon – Message is queued. This can be because of the network traffic or when you try sending a message outside the set Business Hours.
Select template

Conversation over SMS Channel

For having a conversation with your customers via the SMS channel, you can send text or media messages over the SMS channel to your customer.

Conversation over WhatsApp Channel

For conversing with your customers via WhatsApp channel, during an Active Customer Care Window, you can send text or media messages over WhatsApp to your customer. You can select WhatsApp registered or non-registered templates to send the messages.

In case, your Customer Care Window is closed, you will not be able to send a custom message. You can only send a WhatsApp registered template.

Read/Unread Conversation/s

You can mark your conversations as Read/Unread in My Inbox and Sent Messages. Select one or more conversations to mark them as Read/Unread.

Admin Users can read the conversations in Team Inboxes without affecting the read status of the conversations for the Standard User’s Inbox. 

Admin users can manually read/unread a conversation in the Team Inbox to change the status of the conversation in the Standard User’s Inbox. A confirmation dialog appears as shown below:

Read conversation
Unread conversation

Search for Conversations

You can type in Name or Mobile Number to search a conversation in My Inbox and Sent Messages. Hit Enter or click on the Search Icon to begin the search.

Save / Edit a Contact

For a conversation from/to an unknown recipient in My Inbox and Sent Messages, if required, you can directly save that recipient as a contact in Contacts Manager.

You can also edit an existing contact from the Converse Desk directly.

A screenshot of a cell phone

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Assign Conversation/s

Admin Users can assign one or more conversations from My Inbox and from Inboxes of Standard users to any other standard user.

You can select the standard user you want to assign the conversation to from the dropdown in the Assign Conversation dialog box. 

Once the conversation is assigned, it will be moved to the assigned user’s Inbox, thus transferring the ownership of the conversation to the assigned user. The assigned conversation/s will be marked unread in the User’s Inbox so that the user can easily identify the new conversations in their Inbox. A notification of the assignment will also be visible to the standard user on the browser tab when Converse Desk is open.


  • Conversations are created in Converse Desk, only when an incoming is received on the sent Campaign message 
  • Messages are not sent to Opted-out recipients
  • Messages are not sent outside Business-Hours
  • You cannot Delete Conversations


  • Converse Desk Tab on Web Portal needs to be active/selected, to receive Browser tab incoming notifications. Then, you can switch to other Browser tabs, and still receive incoming notifications.