Account Types

Account Types
  • Unverified Accounts –

Unverified LINE Official Accounts have grey badges. They are only searchable in-app via a LINE Official Account ID (Example – @153xenwe). All accounts come out of the box with a basic ID, a random string generated by LINE. This account type can be used by both individuals and corporations. The basic features are the same as verified accounts and this account type can be upgraded to any plan tier at will.

  • Verified Accounts –

Once this account is reviewed by LINE, the account will receive a blue account badge and will appear in searches with the LINE app. Verified Accounts can be created when signing up for a LINE Official Account. However, they are only available in LINE’s four key markets. They have a blue badge and are searchable via Display Name or User ID, making them much easier for users to find.

  • Premium Accounts-

Premium Accounts have a green badge, but there is no process for applying. We believe LINE upgrades large accounts on its own. Once this account is reviewed by LINE, the account will receive a green account badge and will appear in searches within the LINE app. When applying for verification, select accounts may be awarded this status but the criteria are undisclosed.

LINE Official Account Premium ID

Getting a Premium ID for a LINE Business Account allows you to change the random string to your business name, if available. This is especially useful if you have an unverified account, which is only searchable via ID.

LINE charges USD 12 per year for a Premium ID and you can upgrade at any time. You can upgrade to a Premium ID in the LINE Official Accounts platform. But note that Premium IDs are not available in the USA, Singapore, and EU.
You can access this option by logging in to the Line official account manager console and navigating to Navigate to Settings > Activity and Billing > Premium ID as shown below:

LINE Official Account Premium ID

Reaching out to customers on LINE

In-App Search by LINE users

If a LINE user is already chatting with companies through their LINE Official Accounts, they will likely search for your company in-app when they want to chat with you. This process works slightly differently with Unverified, Verified, and Premium Accounts.

In-App Search by LINE users
  • Unverified Accounts are only searchable by their ID (Example – @153xenwe), so a LINE user will have a hard time finding accounts with a Basic ID. If your company name is available as a Premium ID even Unverified accounts can become fairly searchable.
  • Verified & Premium Accounts are searchable by display name and ID. Premium accounts do have one advantage though. Customers have to add the LINE Official Account as a LINE friend before they can message it. This will add companies’ posts to their feed.

Chat Links, QR Codes & Website Buttons

The easiest way of getting existing customers to message you first is to use a QR Code, Chat Link, or Website Button. QR Codes work best in physical locations like retail stores while chat links can be used in emails and other communications.

Chat links & QR Codes can be retrieved from the LINE Official Accounts Platform. Login to LINE  Official Account Manager using your LINE credentials and then navigate to the ‘Gain Friends’ section from the left side panel as shown below. Here you can get your chat link, QR code, and website button link, etc.

Chat Links QR Code

When using the chat link on mobile, users will be taken directly to your LINE Official Account inside the LINE app. While on the desktop, users will be taken to a page where they can scan a QR code with their LINE app.

Direct Link & QR Code

LINE also provides embeddable buttons for your website. These work exactly like chat links.

Add Button to Your Website

Messaging Limits

As per Line Terms, you can send 100,000 messages per minute / 1,700 messages per second (push messages and multicast messages). If you continue to send requests exceeding the limit for an extended period, LINE may block these requests.