How to Activate WhatsApp Business Account?

Here is the step-by-step process for activating the Whatsapp Business Account

  1. Fill in the client details in the form & get the exhibit C agreement.
    1. At least one template is required for the submission of the form
    2. Details required in the form are available on the first page of this pdf
    3. If there is any multimedia file then it needs to be attached to the email.
    4. Check the Whatsapp Template format rule in this document
  2. After the form & agreement is ready, submit the documents to the WhatsApp provider
  1. Once the form is submitted, the Facebook verification widget will open on the Facebook business page. Approve our ‘Messaging on behalf request’ on the FB page. (Note-If the page is verified then only the ‘Messaging on behalf request’ needs to be approved).
  2. The customer has to complete the FB verification & accept the ‘Messaging on behalf request’
    1. Facebook page verification
      1. Go to your Facebook Business Manager (https://business.facebook.com/)
      2. Click Business settings.
      3. Click Business info. Your Business ID is located below the Business Manager account name.
      4. Click on the verification button at the center of the page
    2. Approve messaging on behalf of your business
      1. Here’s how to approve this request: Go to the Requests section in your Business Settings.
      2. Click Requests.
      3. In the Received tab, find the request and click approve.
  1. When the page is verified, the provider will start the activation process.
  1. If the number is provided by the client then we have to activate the number with a One Time password. Passwords will trigger from our side (vendor portal) to the customer-provided number. OTP is valid for 10 minutes.

    There are certain criteria for the number to be integrated with the official WA business accounts.

  1. In case SMS-Magic is providing the number then step 6 is not required. The provider will procure the number & do the activation process.
  1. After the number activation process is done, your account will be ready to be integrated with the Screen Magic account
  1. Here is the process to get a Green Badge

Note- The timeline for the entire process is 6 to 8 weeks but it can be reduced.