Related Conversation

Every conversation involves two lookups. One is of a primary object and the other is of a related objects which the primary object will use as a lookup. Related objects are objects that the primary object references at various stages of the CRM lifecycle. A detailed conversation trail displays all messages that are sent to the primary object. It also includes all those that have been sent to or received from the associated or related objects in relation to the primary object. All such conversation threads are known as Related Conversations.

In order to view, related conversations, we can map the primary MOC and the lookup fields that will populate the conversation.

Configure The Mapping for Related Conversation

New Conversation Related Object
MOCSelect the Primary object. The conversation will center around this object.
Conversation FieldType the Lookup field for the object that will be used to populate the conversation.
Absolute FieldProvide the object hierarchies to define the parent-child relationships.

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