Re-run Failed Scripts

The following procedure helps you understand how to rerun a failed data migration script:

1.On the Data Migration Job page, right -click against the failed script and click Inspect from the drop-down menu that appears. The console section appears.


2.Under Sources, search for the file DataMigration.js.

3.Select the file displaying all the batch details.

4.Scroll down to Line number 61 to view the list of all batches that have run. The LastBatchID attribute displays the name of the last batch that was run.

5. Click to add a debugger on the line. The script pauses.

datamigration page

6. Click the ApexJobList attribute to view the jobs that are executed. The Array 1 job list box appears.

datamigration pager inspect

7.On the right panel, under Watch click the  — that appears next to the jobs to empty the job list.

8.Click + to add a new expression.


apexJobList = [ ] .

Click . This enables the Run Script button on the Migration jobs as shown.

datamigration jobs

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