Lookup not functioning as expected


Incoming SMS does not look up to the right record in versions 1.50 and above.

Possible Causes

When an incoming SMS is not getting attached/related to/looked up to the correct records, for example – Lead, Contact or any other custom or standard object, then, it can be due to the following reasons –

  • The MOC is not created properly. The phone field used is not storing the mobile number
  • The field used in the MOC is not valid or does not exist
  • You have used a text field or a formula field for the phone value in the MOC and due to this our query doesn’t work correctly. Please make sure that you use a phone type field in the MOC.
  • The OAuth user does not have access to the SMS-Magic Objects. OAuth user needs to have proper access to SMS Magic Components. You can either assign our permission set and grant additional access through profile or directly check and grant access to all components through the profile level.
  • The OAuth user does not have access to the record on which the mobile number is stored.
  • The mobile phone contains a prefix such as 00 or 07 and thus causes issues with the lookup since the incoming number does not have this prefix.
  • There are multiple occurrences of the mobile number on various records.
  • Portal lookup flag is enabled. This flag was used in older versions where customer stored numbers in multiple formats.

Field Does not Exist and Incorrect Lookup has similar possible causes as mentioned above.

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