Global Components

A global component is a reusable component that has the capability to be called from outside the SMS-Magic Converse package. Global Components are indicated by the attribute access= “Global” within its code.

The Converse Desk utilizes three main Global components. These include the following:

The Composer component – This appears below the message flow interface and is used to compose the message, attach sender ID and templates, append the Recipient address and perform other activities like attach emojis, include Internal notes and check the character limit. The Composer component cannot be used independently and will always be used along with the message flow and conversation flow.

The Conversation Component – This comprises the Message flow interface. It provides a phone-like look and feel and comprises a dump of all the messages without any grouping or categorization.

The ConversationView Component – This component displays all the conversations that have happened for an object. It groups all conversations by the object type and displays details including the intended recipient, time, message direction (incoming or outgoing) conversation topic and the message extract.

  • Global Components enable you to display Converse Desk on the tab view.
  • In order to display an embedded view of conversations from a page, the conversation components need to be defined as Global.
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