Converse Inbox

The Converse Inbox is:

•A minimized version of the Converse Desk.

•It enables user to respond to new or unread messages, opportunities from leads or prospects with ease, without disrupting their workflow.

•It can be accessed from object pages, sales and service consoles as well as from the Salesforce Mobile App.

•It provides similar feature benefits like the Converse Desk.

You can use the following code snippet to integrate the Embedded Desk in Visualforce pages for Classic versions:

For Lightning Interfaces, it will be a GUI based functionality. You will be allowed to make necessary changes by selecting the following values:
  • Embed Context = Activity/Detail
  • UI Context = Lightning
<apex:page showHeader="false" standardController="Lead">

    <apex:includeLightning rendered="true"/>
    <div id="lightning" />

        var recordId = "{!$}";
            function() {
                         recordId : recordId,
                         embedContext : "detail",
                         uiContext : "classic"
                    function(cmp) {

Check and modify the following attributes in the code:

Attribute NameDescription
standardControllerType the Object name in which you wish to embed the Desk.
For example, Contact.
embedContextThis should display Detail.
UI ContextThis should display Classic.

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