Conversation Object Structure

The Conversation object is the primary object that stores all information for the SMS History object as well as for the Incoming SMS History object (If you do not use Single-object structure). You need to focus on the following fields:

You will require a Subscriber Access to Customer’s Org to access the Setup pages.
IsUnreadThis indicates that the conversation is not read and is available under the Unread Filter.The Unread state would be based on whether it is an Incoming or Outgoing messages.•Outgoing Messages – The IsUnread flag is set to False.•Incoming Messages – The IsUnread flag is set to True.When a message is opened, the IsUnread field is cleared. Every time a new message comes in, a value is set and updated. The IsUnread Flag is set to true again and the New Count field (described below) is incremented by 1.
During Data Migration all incoming message are set to New by default. You will have to check and update all conversations that you have previously worked on.
LastIncomingTimeDisplays the time when the last message was received on this conversation
LastMessageDirectionIndicates the direction of the last Message received (Incoming/Outgoing)
LastMessageTimeIndicates the time the last message was received.
New CountIndicates the number of new messages
ObjectIndicates the name of the Primary Object that initiated the conversation. This is one of the MOC objects identified.
Mobile NumberThis displays the Conversation Recipient Map.
SenderThis displays the Conversation Sender Map and comprises the Sender ID Lookup.

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