September Release 2022

With this release, users can export a transcript of their conversations and experience the new simplified sign-up process.

Export a transcript of your conversation

Users can now export a transcript of their conversations and download the same, making it convenient for them to share it with others or maintain a record of it. The conversations can be downloaded in PDF and TXT formats. Also in the conversation, customers can download the media files such as (images, video, pdf, audio, etc..). Click here to know more (Refer to the section Export a transcript of your conversation).

New Sign up flow for SaaS Portal

In order to optimize the signup flow, we have given a single place from where customers can sign up for a free trial account for Zoho. For SaaS Portal now the customer has to fill in a few basic details and after following account confirmation steps the account will be ready to use. Click here to know more about various Sign in options for the SaaS Portal.

Social SSO (G+, Facebook) and CRM SSO (Salesforce, Zoho) is not available for sign up

We have sunset the features of signing up via Social Login (G+ and Facebook) and CRM SSO Login (Salesforce & Zoho) for new account signup. Existing customers who have signed up via these options can still log in. Now they can sign up via the new sign-up page which is common for SF, Zoho, and SaaS Portal.

April Release 2022

Now with OAuth user management and failover, customer activity for OAuth, and support access, SMS-Magic enables easier connection with your audience. 

OAuth User Management and Failover

It is the purpose of this feature to provide customers with the ability to have multiple users, where one user will serve as the main user and the other users will serve as backup users when the message connection mode is enabled between SMS-Magic and Salesforce. If a message connection (OAuth) fails for whatever reason, the failover method will automatically switch the standby user to the main user role and vice versa. Using this feature, message synchronization will not be interrupted, and incoming messages and delivery reports for messages will be synced on a regular basis. Click here to know more.

Customer Activity for OAuth and Support Access

Customer activity in the customer portal will be shown using this functionality. Our system performs a large number of actions in response to consumer requests. These actions are important to demonstrate to customers so that they are aware of what has occurred in the system, and these activities will be utilized for auditing purposes. Click here to know more.

Providing Access to Support Team

In order to help a customer with a query, concern, or request, SMS-Magic has created a need where customers may provide access to the customer support staff. This is necessary so that SMS-Magic Support may connect to the program, diagnose and repair problems using the privileges provided. With this feature, customers may provide access to the support team with full access or partial access, and once the access is granted, it will expire after 7 days until renewed. Click here to know more.

Fall Release 2021

SMS-Magic makes communicating with your audience easier with a constant upgrade in your messaging space.

Now with our URL Shortening and Tracking feature, transform long URLs into shorter, more readable ones. Add short clickable URLs into your multichannel messages to drive conversions and track how often your recipients click them.

URL Shortening and Tracking feature allow users to shorten a URL thereby reducing the characters in the link and hiding the parameters which deter recipients from clicking on the links.

Summer Release 2021


In this release, we have improved the overall UI of the Campaign and added new features to it. We have named the new version as Enhanced Campaign. 

Below are the newly added features in the Enhanced Campaign:

  1. Search Bar: To search campaigns on the go
  2. Single Page View: Gives you the details of all the campaigns in one view, which includes campaign message, media attached, and categorization of campaigns based on channel type.
  3. Adding Filters for your Search Result: Now you can select appropriate filters based on channel type, custom dates, and status of the campaign to find the exact campaign you are looking for.
  4. Edit and Delete option for Scheduled Campaigns: To edit a scheduled campaign you no longer need to unschedule it first, you can directly edit the campaign and update the changes. Similarly, if you want to delete a scheduled campaign you can directly delete it with a click.
  5. Validation of Contact Records: Validation of records is done automatically on the selection of a contact list, which allows you to know how many contacts in the list are there with the right phone number.
  6. Navigation Bar: To easily navigate to any step of campaign creation while editing the campaign.
  7. Mapping of Merge Fields: For the WhatsApp channel, you can easily map the merge fields without having to worry about any error caused to the templates while creating the campaign as the message box is uneditable.
  8. Compliance Settings: Ensures that user sends campaign to only opted-in numbers specifically for WhatsApp channel. For the SMS channel, the user is given an option to take care of the compliance as per their usage.

To know more about the Enhanced Campaign, click here.


Below are the improvements that we have added related to existing functionalities:

  1. Template V2 – This is the enhanced version of the template feature which includes newly added filters. Users can now easily filter all the templates created in the account by template type, channel, label, and more.
  2. SMS History Details – You can see the user name now i.e. who has sent the message in message details

Spring Release 2021


This article focuses on key enhancements and key issues that we have fixed on the SMS-Magic Portal as a part of the Spring Release 2021. The goal of this release is to create a seamless user experience.

Below is a list of improvements you’ll find in the latest release:


We have made numerous enhancements and improvements in this Spring Release 2021:

  1. Now you can save formatted mobile numbers with special characters. Example (, ),-,dot,/,space,+,[,] 
  2. We now require the input of country code while saving a contact in a Contacts Manager – This allows in removing any ambiguity around the number.
  3. The User’s My Inbox remains unaffected by Admin’s browsing activity in Team Inboxes. This enables users to keep proper track of their conversations.
  4. We have added template search in Converse Desk, where the users can easily search for templates in the Conversation window and the New Message window.

Issues Fixed

Following issues were fixed in the Spring Release 2021:

  1. Fixed an issue with message count in the converse desk where the message count was sometimes inaccurate.
  2. Conversations with new incoming or outgoing messages are shown on the top of the list in all the inboxes. Conversations that are marked read or unread no longer are moved to the top of the list. This ensures that the conversations with your latest messages stay on top of the Inbox list. 
  3. Consent Management Auto Reply is no longer triggered for mobile numbers that are already opted-out.
  4. Fixed an issue where incoming messages were shown out of context in search results of inboxes in Converse Desk. 
  5. Outgoing and incoming message history reports now can be downloaded from their respective tabs.
  6. MMS preview is now visible for scheduled campaigns in the message campaign tab.
  7. WhatsApp Incoming MMS file is now visible in Converse Desk and SMS History tab.

November 2020 Release

This article covers the major upgrades on SMS-Magic Portal as a part of November 2020 Release.

Key Features

The November 2020 Release is focused on the Converse Desk and Contacts Manager, which helps businesses establish a dialogue with their customers. That said, we also have added an exciting new channel to your communication options – WhatsApp!

Converse Desk

Converse Desk provides an intuitive, easy-to-use Inbox style user interface; making it simple for you to start one-on-one messaging with little or no training. The Converse Desk features intelligence that guides users to effectively manage and respond to any number of messaging conversations.

Key Converse Desk Features Include:

  1. Multi-channel Support – Reach out to customers on the channel of their preference. Send text and media messages on both SMS and WhatsApp.
  2. User-Friendly Inbox – The new and improved Inbox provides an intuitive interface to access messages, track conversations and quickly respond to messages. 
  3. Initiate Conversations with your saved Contacts – No more memorizing customer phone numbers! You can select a saved contact by name, and compose and send a message. 
  4. New Chat Window for Interactive Conversations – Converse with your customers in a familiar way; using the new chat window that mimics texting on your phone.
  5. Team Inboxes – Admin can monitor their teams’ conversations.
  6. Assign Customer Conversations to Team Members – Admin users can easily assign conversations to any team member.
Portal Release 2020

Contacts Manager

With the new Contacts Manager, you can manage conversations with your saved contacts via Converse Desk and group your contacts to send targeted messages via Campaigns.

Key Contacts Manager Features Include:

  1. Manage Customer Contacts – Save your customers’ contact details and refer them whenever you need.
  2. Upload Contacts in Bulk – Do you have a large list of customer details on Excel? You can upload all those contacts with a single upload.
  3. Customer Segmentation Using Contact Groups – Create Contact Groups and use those groups to segment your audience in bulk messaging.
Portal realease 2020 features

Communication over WhatsApp

Introducing WhatsApp support; a new channel for you to reach out to your customers from the SMS-Magic Portal.  Use the same familiar interface to message your customers in WhatsApp!

Establish Communication over WhatsApp:

  1. Record Your Customer Consents – Record your customer consents to reach out to them on WhatsApp.
  2. WhatsApp Conversations – With the same simplicity as SMS, you now can have one-to-one conversations with your customers on WhatsApp. Your customers can initiate conversations directly, or you can initiate conversations via a registered WhatsApp message template.
  3. Send Text or Media via WhatsApp – With WhatsApp, you can send text and media messages to your customers. You can personalize your messages with emoticons too.

Other Functional Enhancements

Configure Viewing Rights for Standard User

Admin users can now configure the visibility of a number of SMS-Magic features for Standard Users in their account. In this way, you can provide the required access to the Standard Users based on the specific needs of your organization.

Out of Office (OOO) Auto Reply

Now, you can set up an Out Of Office Auto Reply Message to let your customers know that you are unable to respond immediately and that you will reach out to them upon your return.

The Auto-Reply is triggered when you receive a message from your customers outside of the set Business Hours and your Customer’s country (Mobile Number’s Country code).

Download Consent Records

You can now download your customer consents (all records or a range of records) in a CSV file format using the Download Consent Records feature.

Message Templates

We have created a simplified user interface for managing your Message Templates. You can easily create message templates for SMS or WhatsApp channels to be used for Automations, Bulk Campaigns, or Conversations.

Sender ID Labels

You now can assign a Label to your Sender IDs to make it easier to identify the right number for each message.

User Roles & Privacy

SMS-Magic has introduced two user roles – Admin and Standard User.

An Admin User has access to all the features, settings, and data in the application.

A Standard User does not have access to Settings and has limited access to the features of the application. A Standard User can only see data they create.

NOTE: This feature needs to be explicitly enabled for your SMS-Magic account. Please reach out to care@screen-magic.com to enable this feature.

Sender ID Assignment

Admin users can control the access Standard Users have to Sender IDs. When the Standard Users have access to a Sender ID, they can send and receive messages, and view the message history for the Sender ID.

Related documentation

For more information on the above-mentioned features on SMS-Magic Portal, please refer to the SMS-Magic Portal User Guide.