Converse Desk

The First Intelligent Messaging Desktop

Intelligence Meets Best-of-Breed Text Messaging for Salesforce

Why spend weeks or months defining and implementing your SMS messaging strategy, wondering if you’ll get the responses you expect?

Converse packages proven, best-of-breed text messaging strategies to accelerate your implementation and increase your text messaging results with Salesforce.

Converse Desks blend intelligence with an intuitive design to increase user productivity and results.

Converse Apps are pre-configured to give you everything you need to immediately implement proven SMS messaging strategies. You’ll also get the analytics you need to continually optimize your results.

Quickly Find and Respond to Any Conversation

The Converse Desk intelligently helps your users quickly find and respond to conversations. Users can:

Filter conversations by standard or custom Salesforce Objects.

Sort their Inbox to find specific conversation types or a single conversation.

Review a complete Conversation History, from lead to prospect to contact.

Check related conversations, so they have all the information they need.

Respond to More Conversations

Converse Desk is the most intuitive messaging desktop available today, requiring little to no user training.

Its Intelligent Guidance System helps users quickly find and respond to conversations, track hot prospects, correlate conversations across teams and seamlessly access and update Salesforce objects and records.

The Desk is also available as an embedded component within Salesforce for sales and service users.

Converse When and How You Want

Converse Desk for Salesforce lets you interact from a variety of devices.

You can use the Desk as a standalone, embed the Desk in Salesforce consoles or records or have conversations in your Salesforce1 mobile app.

All messages are stored in Salesforce and updated across devices whenever you continue a conversation.

No matter where you’re texting, you’ll always be in sync!

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