How FreedomCare is using SMS to monitor recovering COVID-19 patients

FreedomCare is a New-York based home healthcare company. They are a contracted provider of CDPAP, a Medicaid-funded program that allows New Yorkers to hire their own personal caregivers: a daughter, son, relative, friend or previously hired aide.


As COVID-19 spread rapidly throughout the world, FreedomCare wanted to find a way to help doctors and hospital systems in their home state of New York City, one of the hardest hit areas of the pandemic.

The FreedomCare team learned of issues keeping recovering COVID-19 patients in the hospitals on oxygen concentrators and taking up hospital beds. The hospitals did not have resources to discharge the patients and continue calling them every few hours to check vitals. Even though the patients were healthy enough to recover at home, they remained in the hospital simply due to the lack of home healthcare monitoring resources.