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You want to help your healthcare clients feel great. Wellness tips sent via SMS messages give you the perfect, simple way to share ideas with them. Even better, they’ll read them!

SMS messages offer a natural way to converse with your clients. When you regularly reach out with relevant tips and information, you create a stronger relationship with your clients. That trust makes them like you, and you’ll have the client relationship that’s so important.

It’s easy to create a set of tips for different client types, then automatically send them to your clients. Once you create the messages, you don’t have to do anything, until you want to add new tips or shift the ones you’re offering today.

Here’s how it works.

Please note that the green messages are automated workflows and the yellow messages are manual replies from your customer or from the SMS-Magic user stepping in to respond personally.

SMS Messages for General Wellness Tips

Let’s say you have a majority of clients who are generally healthy. Their primary interest is in maintaining their health through diet, exercise and proper supplements. Following are examples of the wellness tips you can share on a regular basis.
wellness tips
Whenever Kim sees a new article or video, she can simply create a message and add it to the conversation. It will be sent based on whatever schedule she’s set up. New clients start with the first message in the series, while current clients get regularly scheduled updates.


Text Messaging for Special Health Needs

Not all of your healthcare clients are equally healthy. Some have very specialized needs. Let’s take an example of Shari, an acupuncturist who works with a variety of clients.

Shari’s clients tend to fall into the following health categories:

  • Healthy, interested in supplements.
  • Respiratory issues, interested in supplements and alternative medicine.
  • Overweight, interested in weight loss alternatives.
  • Heart conditions, interested in heart health, diet and alternatives for healing.
  • Athletes, interested in natural performance enhancement techniques.

For each of the above client types, Shari simply creates a first series of messages that contain wellness tips related to their specific condition. She can then schedule each message to be delivered to her specific clients, at a regular interval. Let’s say monthly.

Shari starts with three messages for each client type. That’s three months of regular tips. She then adds new messages as she finds appropriate techniques or tips for each client segment.

Her clients love the fact that Shari cares enough to give them special tips. They also appreciate the messages she sends since it’s so easy to read them and get to the content that’s always relevant to them.

Shari’s clients are now referring more new clients to her. When each new client first meets Shari, she assigns them to one of the wellness tip segments. They begin receiving the messages on a monthly basis, and like their friends, they really appreciate Shari.


One of the biggest complaints about healthcare providers is the lack of ongoing contact. Seems like we only hear from our providers when they can make money from a service.

Using SMS messages to share wellness tips is a powerful yet simple way to show your clients you care about them, their health and their well-being. It’s also a superb way to create deeper connections with your clients. After all, trust forms the foundation of a healthcare relationship.

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