Message financial clients

Your financial services clients want to know they can reach out to you and get a response, whenever they need one. That’s why they so often send quick text messages to ask a question or make a request.

A recent study by J.D. Powers found that 80% of Americans text regularly, but only 10% of financial firms use text messaging to communicate with their clients. Financial firms need to up their game to keep pace with what their clients want. The advances in text messaging make that easy and keep you compliant.

Thanks to intelligent text messaging platforms, you can respond quickly to their messages, whether you’re in your office or on the go. Your brokers or advisors can also initiate interactive conversations, respond to automated conversations activated by keywords sent by clients, and pin important conversations to their desktops so they’re quickly available for response.

Message Financial Clients from Your Office

In the office, you can use the SMS-Magic Converse Desktop to easily manage and respond to every client message, regardless of the volume. In your office, you’ll have access to your Converse Desktop on your laptop or computer.

This intuitive, intelligent Desktop sorts and filters conversations for you, making it a snap to quickly locate and respond to messages from a variety of different clients.

  • You can filter leads and customers any way you want to find the specific conversation you want to access or respond to quickly, whether by date, name, topic, keyword, and more.
  • You can set alerts to be notified the moment a new message is received to ensure that you keep conversations flowing easily with less effort.

Our 360-degree conversational history lets you see every message with a client. You can review that history anytime you want. It also makes it easy for your team to respond to a client request if you’re unavailable. All they have to do is review the history to understand the context of the conversation.

Converse also saves you time by making it easy for you to update your Salesforce CRM directly from within the Desktop. You can edit records, events and tasks or create new ones. That’s so much easier than bouncing between windows to update information.

Message Financial Clients While on the Go

When you’re out for that client meeting, you can use SMS-Magic with Salesforce1 Mobile or use our app on your mobile phone.

All messages are synced back to the Converse Desktop and your CRM or database to maintain a complete history of every single conversation. You never lose a key piece of information or message again. Even better, you meet the regulatory requirements that may have been preventing you from using messaging in the first place.

The Bottom Line

Your clients want to talk with you through text messaging. It’s their natural method of communication. Thanks to SMS-Magic, you can now respond to them wherever you are, whenever they need you. Whether your brokers or advisors choose to message from the office or message on the go, all conversational data syncs across all devices, so they’ll always know where their conversations stand with clients.

Even better, the Converse Desk blends deep intelligence with simplicity to empower your advisors to be more productive than ever, building long-term relationships with your clients in ways they appreciate.

Imagine how much your client responsiveness and satisfaction are going to grow.

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