This time of global pandemic and social distancing has proven the importance of digital readiness for businesses. In order to continue generating revenue, companies must have the infrastructure to support this massive shift to a completely digitized world. SMS is proving to be one of the most important and effective ways to communicate with customers and leads. It allows you to connect immediately with your audience while maintaining personal experiences, even when you can’t meet people in person.

Technology is playing a crucial role in keeping society functional during COVID-19 when we are all isolated. And many believe these technologies may have a long-lasting impact beyond the pandemic. If you are not already using text messaging to communicate with your audience, now is the time to implement it as a solid communication channel for your company. It’s clear that the way businesses interact with customers is rapidly changing in the pandemic, and many of these changes will remain as the world shifts back to a more normal pace.

Using SMS During the covid-19 Pandemic

Companies are finding both practical and creative ways of using SMS during the time of social distancing. Many businesses are offering discounts, promotions and offers via text message. Others are finding ways to use SMS to keep a personal connection with their audience.

One beverage brand, that has been using text messaging to take orders since 2015, said direct sales are up 22% this month over April 2019, proving SMS is more effective than ever. They are also using full phone numbers instead of short codes to come across as more personal and familiar. And to round out a personal experience they are ensuring they quickly respond to customers’ texts.

Another example, Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners is a credit counseling organization that has set up an SMS-based COVID relief support queue in order to quickly provide answers and solutions to their clients.

One interesting example of using SMS for strictly relationship building with an audience is SwimOutlet. Previous to the pandemic they used text messaging as a sales channel, sending promotions to customers. But earlier this month they began using SMS to deliver audio and video messages from Olympic athletes. They said the goal is to lift customers’ spirits during such a hard time.

We’re Here to Help

We know it’s an uncertain time and many companies are needing to pivot their business models to stay afloat. In an effort to help you stay connected with your audience during this time, we’re offering special support and discounts.

For urgent COVID-19 related messaging needs:

  • Quick response to COVID-19 related messaging needs. Reach out to us and we’ll respond within 30 minutes.
  • Top priority for use-case implementation. Typical implementation can be completed in 4 hours.
  • Discounts on SMS Credits: 50% for USA, 25% Internationally.
  • Discounts for Nonprofits – 75% discounts for Nonprofits on License and App Fees.

Take a look at how some of our customers are using messaging during the pandemic and social distancing, it may help spark some ideas for what you can do to engage your audience.

Want to learn more about how SMS-Magic Converse can help you? Reach out and we’d be happy to give you a personal tour and share examples from our clients!

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