How SMS-Magic can save your marriage
How SMS-Magic Can Save Your Marriage

If you manage a call center, I bet that you haven’t spent enough time with

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SMS Messages Specifically for Your Industry

Regardless of industry, one of the highest priorities for businesses is connecting to and communicating

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Use Text Message Surveys to Get Personal with Customers

Customers want personalized, relevant experiences with brands. They say they’re willing to give up personal

Event sms messages
Increase Audience Engagement with Event SMS Messages

Events are growing in importance to organizational success. Bizzabo’s Event Marketing 2018 research found that

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Become a Textpert and Reduce Costly Missed Appointments with...

In the healthcare industry alone, missed appointments cost providers more than $150 billion every year

Become a textpert
The No-Risk Way to Become a Textpert at Nurturing Campaigns

Consumers want to do business with companies they trust and relate to. Text messaging via

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Deliver Fast Customer Service with SMS Messages

The timeframe expectations for customer response are shrinking. If your customer must wait endlessly to

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Simplify Patient Scheduling with SMS Messages

SMS messages simplify managing patient appointments and reminders to reduce the chaos of scheduling, reduce

Test messaging course
Teach Your Customers with a Text Messaging Course

People are always interested in learning. The constraint that keeps them from doing so is