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Businesses today face the dual challenge of managing customer relationships and ensuring that each communication resonates with the recipient. SMS-Magic offers a robust solution, perfectly aligned with Zoho’s ethos of efficiency and integration, to meet and exceed these modern demands.

Transformative Messaging within Zoho’s Ecosystem

As a highly-rated app on Zoho Marketplace, SMS-Magic seamlessly integrates into the Zoho CRM, creating a unified messaging platform that leverages the full power of Zoho’s capabilities.  Zoho CRM data easily integrates with messaging to transform generic conversations into personalized experiences.   

A Seamless Union of Convenience and Capability

SMS-Magic’s integration with Zoho elevates conventional messaging by offering a complete suite of features right where you need them—in your CRM. This seamless connectivity allows businesses to interact with customers via their preferred channels, such as WhatsApp and SMS/MMS, without leaving the Zoho interface. This native integration is the epitome of operational convenience, serving up a world-class customer experience directly from the comfort of your Zoho window or mobile device.

Harness a Full Suite of Messaging Features

With SMS-Magic, you are not just adopting an add-on; you’re elevating your Zoho CRM with a wealth of capabilities:

  • Human-assisted and Automated Messaging: Engage in one-on-one conversations or automate interactions for efficiency and scale.
  • Multichannel Messaging: Connect with up to 50,000 customers simultaneously across multiple channels for high-volume campaigns.
  • Deep Zoho Integration: Fully integrated with Zoho’s contacts, conversations, tasks, agents, campaigns, and more for a 360-degree view.
SMS Magic x Zoho – Answer to What makes us the top-rated solution on Zoho Marketplace

Empowerment Through Mobile Messaging

In today’s fast-paced business environment, the ability to respond on the go is invaluable. SMS-Magic’s mobile app, available on both the App Store and Google Play Store, ensures your sales representatives and support agents can serve customers immediately, no matter where they are, directly from their smartphones.

Compliance and Consent Management: A Core Tenet

In the complex landscape of global communication, compliance with regulations like TCPA, GDPR, CCPA, and CASL is more than a necessity—it’s a cornerstone of trust. SMS-Magic’s built-in consent management controls on Zoho are a testament to the app’s dedication to upholding these standards, providing businesses with the tools to manage opt-in and opt-out processes effortlessly.

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Data-Driven Insights for Strategic Engagement

The analytical horsepower of SMS-Magic extends beyond mere messaging. The app offers deep insights into response rates, delivery success, and compliance metrics, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and tailor their communication strategies for maximum impact.

Insights that guide you toward more success!

BYON/BYOP: Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Understanding the diverse needs of businesses, SMS-Magic on Zoho provides the flexibility of Bring Your Own Number (BYON) and Bring Your Own Provider (BYOP) options, including popular carriers like Twilio, Vonage, and Sinch. This level of customization ensures that businesses can maintain their current communication infrastructure while leveraging SMS-Magic’s advanced features.

As a standout app on the Zoho Marketplace, SMS-Magic is more than just a messaging tool; it is a comprehensive communication solution that addresses the lifecycle CRM needs of modern businesses. By providing an integrated, insightful, and compliant messaging platform, SMS-Magic helps businesses unlock the full potential of their Zoho CRM, turning every interaction into an opportunity for growth and customer satisfaction.

SMS-Magic offers a clear pathway to success for organizations seeking to refine their customer engagement strategy. Visit the Zoho Marketplace today and discover how SMS-Magic can transform your CRM communications, delivering the results you need with the efficiency to help your business succeed.

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