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How do sales reps keep prospect interest high and momentum moving toward purchase? The answer is always within easy reach — SMS messages

With more than 64% of customers preferring business communication over texting, it’s time that sales teams use SMS messages to follow up with their prospects. When the sales team sends personalized and relevant information, the prospect is bound to respond.

Ninety-five percent [1] of buyers say that they would choose a solution provider that “provided them with ample content to help navigate through each stage of the buying process.”

Educate Your Prospect and Gain Trust

By sharing information that adds value by educating a prospect, the sales team earns more trust as the relationship grows.

One of our clients, United Phosphorus Limited, sends general educational messages twice a month to 1.5 million prospects. They also promptly respond to prospect queries via message. They have now established themselves as a trusted advisor in the eyes of their target audience.

“With SMS, we can better reach our customers vis-a-vis our competition,” says Suryam Chapara, Deputy General Manager-CRM, United Phosphorus Limited.

Share Customer Value

Just because a prospect hears the pitch once, it doesn’t mean they understood it. Chances are, they didn’t. Sequential conversational messages sharing benefits others have received help your prospect to better understand how they will benefit, and serves to build better relationships with your prospects.

Let’s take the example of Tim, a salesperson in a software company. His prospect’s functional profile ranges from marketing and sales to technical roles.

In the first call with the prospect, Tim learns about the prospect’s use case and objectives for his product. Depending on the prospect’s use case, Tim triggers an automated conversational messaging flow that’s relevant.

Over specified intervals, the prospect will receive links to case studies, whitepapers, new resources, and more. Tim can also see which resource has been viewed by the prospect, so he knows exactly when to touch base with them, and what context will drive the them closer to purchasing. He can stop the automated messaging nurture any time and send a personalized message requesting a call, or send more specific information.

Seventy-three percent [2] of B2B customers say that “for vendors to successfully engage me, they must have a deep understanding of my needs.”  SMS conversational messaging can help you do just that.

Shorten Sales Cycles with SMS Messages

With SMS messages, the salesperson can lead buyers to review other solutions and options based on what’s relevant to them. The more conversations they have, the more sales reps gather key insights into what’s relevant to each prospect.

Let’s say Tim’s colleague, Jake, goes through Tim’s SMS conversations in the CRM. Jake wants to cross-sell a new software solution from their company. While scanning through the SMS conversation threads, Jake finds out exactly which prospects would be most likely to buy this new software. With the help of these conversations, Jake can quickly have a list of hot prospects.

SMS conversational messaging is tightly integrated with Salesforce. Which means the sales team can access records and objects and take actions based on these messages, all from within the messaging environment. They don’t have to juggle between 2 different interfaces. This also means an opportunity to drive more CRM usage with the sales team, better monitoring of the team’s activities and gauging the pipeline.

SMS messaging conversations help salespeople get more conversations and follow-up with relevant engagement that close more deals faster.

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