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You know the drill – Prospects visit your eCommerce website, browse through different product pages, toss a few items in the cart, go through the ratings and reviews section and finally, leave your site without making the purchase. Haven’t we all been this type of customer — window shoppers with no urgency to purchase!

Statistics reveal that approximately 68%[1] of online shopping carts are abandoned. ‘Not ready for purchase’ is one of the very common reasons why customers abandon their carts. Many a time, it takes multiple visits for customers to complete their order.

Fortunately, three-quarters of those abandoning their carts intend to return. The question is – How do you bring them back? In this age of communication overload, where emails and voicemails go unanswered, how do you ensure that your buyers listen to and act upon your communication?

Messaging is the new conversation for eCommerce players

With an open rate of 98% and a response rate of almost 50%, messaging is fast becoming a preferred medium of communication for businesses. More so, because 64% of buyers are likely to have a positive perception of companies that converse via messages.

As one of our customers puts it –

“With today’s reliance on technology, phones, and social media, consumers are much more willing to answer a text over a phone call. We have a 70% response rate with text messaging!”
                                                                                               – Randall Mills, Amerifirst Financial

Let us see how an e-commerce company is successfully using automated messages to engage with those abandoning their carts:

Infographic: How to tackle shopping cart abandonment with automated messages

46%[2] of businesses, that tracked abandoners’ spending, stated that customers spent more than the original cart value, after being nurtured. Early movers to messaging are already witnessing a sharp uplift in sales via higher customer loyalty, customer retention, and brand advocacy. The only question is, will you leverage the power of messaging before your competition?

Research references

[1] 68.81% – average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate

[2] Customers spent more than the original cart value after being nurtured

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