SMS messages

We all know that when we’re not relevant with a prospect, they find a vendor who is.

SMS messages get you relevant and keep you interesting to your prospects and customers.

You can use the natural style of a conversation to ask what your prospect wants to know. When they respond, you’ll know what they need and can deliver exactly that information. As the prospect moves through your pipeline, you can check in to learn what else they want to know. You’ll get and stay relevant to create the trusted relationship that compels buyers to want to do business with you.

Using SMS messages from SMS-Magic, it’s easy to get and stay relevant with prospects and buyers.

Here are a few examples.

Ask them. Simply send them a message asking what they’re interested in. Make it easy for them to reply with a keyword or associated reference (number, letter, etc.).

Stay relevant with messaging.

Once they reply, your conversational messaging solution should automatically trigger the appropriate messaging workflow that’s related to that area of interest. You don’t have to do a thing.


If the prospect prefers information via email, they’ll reply with their email and an automated trigger will immediately send the information to their email.

Adapt to their behavior. Let’s say someone responds to your message asking for information about one area of interest (topic 1). But then, they take an action that points to another topic (topic 2).

Following the above conversation, let’s say a prospect texts:


This message would be forwarded to one of your messaging users with an alert that an immediate response is required. That user will then immediately start a 1:1 conversation with the prospect.


Your agent can then a) stop the initial messages focused on topic 1 and trigger an automatic message flow focused on topic 2, b) continue responding with a 1:1 conversation or c) continue with the current automated message flow.

Flexible content, cross-channel control. You can send hyperlinks and graphics or other rich content in your messages.


Or, you can automatically trigger an email to be sent that contains a longer content piece. SMS-Magic also gives you the option to send the right content through the best channel, automatically.


When the prospect clicks on the URL, you can trigger another email follow-up, trigger another message or send that action to a user for a direct 1:1 conversational messaging follow-up.

The Bottom Line

SMS messages make it easy to know what’s important to your buyers. Just ask them.

Your entire team can also stay relevant in their conversations. All of your messaging conversations are saved in a 360-degree conversation history. This history follows the prospect as they are moved through marketing and into the sales funnel. Your team sees every interaction, so they, too can get and stay relevant.

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